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Welcome to my research website! Please browse through the content using the menu. Links to social media where I am active are also shown.

Looking for work?

I am always seeking contact with students that are motivated and talented. If you are interested in working with me do not hesitate to contact me. Recruiting a Ph.D. student requires a lot of funding, but it happens. Postdoctoral positions may also be announced. (Postdocs that can come with their own grants are of course particularly interesting.) All positions will be announced on websites and in my Twitter timeline. Please note that the only type of positions that can be announced are either doctoral student or postdoctoral researcher. I cannot accept "visiting students" or "interns" etc.

As an undergraduate student, you are welcome to discuss the possibility to do your thesis work with me.

Due to the large number of emails I get from applicants I cannot provide an answer to every one. (This is true also for conference invitations etc.) However, I will still read your email even if I do not reply to you!