My research is or has been financed by:

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Most of my research activities belong to one of the following projects:


Image by Gustav Ferrand Drake del Castillo 2020

Protein Purification

In this project we use polyelectrolyte brushes for separating biomolecules, which may lead to great cost reductions in biopharmaceutical production.

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Image by Gustav Emilsson 2018

Molecular Trapping

New trapping methods using solid state nanoscale chambers for long-term observation of single (or a few) molecules by fluorescence microscopy techniques.


Image by Neuron Collective 2020

Electronic Paper

Using electrochromic hybrid materials, we develop technologies for reflective displays in color offering energy savings compared to conventional emissive displays.


Image by Norma Graf 2011

Plasmonic Biosensors

Development of new bioanalytical tools using optical resonances in metallic nanostructures and affinity-based detection.