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Teaching Material

Surface Engineering


This is "my own" course where I am examiner and do the majority of the teaching since 2018. I use a "flipped classroom" approach, which means that the students study the material on their own before we meet up in class. When we do, time is spent on exercises and problem solving. My lectures are available as video files in the video section. The slides are also available here:

Lecture 1: Overview of Surface Forces

Lecture 2: Kinetics of Molecular Binding to Surfaces and Patterning

Lecture 3: Surface Sensitive Techniques

Lecture 4: Wetting of Interfaces and Tribology

Lecture 5: Theory of Polymer Brushes

Lecture 6: Chemical Surface Analysis and Plasma Treatment

Lecture 7: Biosensors and Other Applications

Nanomaterials Chemistry

In this course I give one lecture about nanopore sensors. I have not made the slides publicly available here, mainly due to copyright reasons, but please contact me if you are interested.


Kemi och Material



I den här kursen föreläser jag om "nanomaterial" i fyra föreläsningar:

Reologi och Mjuka Material

Porösa Material och Kemiska Ytmodifieringar

Platta Material och Nanostrukturer


I have also been main or secondary teacher in several other courses. Some were quite advanced level, such as soft matter physics and biotechnical physics, where I also developed lab exercises. Others were more basic physics courses and MATLAB programming. Please contact me if you are interested in this teaching material.

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